Clap Tone Fender® Inside! Clapton Mid-Boost Pedal

Clap Tone Eric Clapton Pedal Fender Stratocaster
Cara Clap Tone Fender® Inside, Mid Boost Pedal $249

Before the Cara Clap Tone was introduced in 2014, the only option to get the Eric Clapton mid-boost “woman” tone was to buy an Eric Clapton Signature Stratocaster guitar from Fender. Cara has licensed the Clapton Mid-Boost from Fender and has developed a pedal version which delivers the same 25db of musical mid boost that adds tremendous sustain and trumpet clarity to your playing.

  • Powered by Fender ®  Part Number #005757000
  • Musical 500 Hz boost up to 25 db
  • Fender TBX System     Battery Powered Cast Aluminum Stomper
  • Handwired Circuit – All USA Parts
  • True Bypass
  • 9V Battery Power lasts 400 hrs. of playing. Remember to unplug the Input when not Using
  • LED Indicator
  • Cool Black Strat Look
From Vintage Guitar Magazine