Cara 10th Avenue Solid Body Guitar
Cara 10th Avenue Solid Body Guitar

After working on guitars for over 30 years, I came to the absolute conclusions of what I needed to make the ultimate solid body guitar for the rock player.

The Les Paul shape is legendary, it’s been copied, but never made more accessible and versatile. The 1oth Avenue cuts have been enhanced in the narrow waist and sharpened cutaway.

A 24 fret 24″ scale length Ebony fretboard (as designed by Brian May) has always proved to me to give the greatest degree of bends and playing ease with heavier strings. The heel has been smoothed out to allow easy access to the 24th fret. No more reaching over the box on a heel joint.

With playability addressed, I wanted to deliver fat British rock tones as well as crystal hollow single coil sounds on the same guitar, with this shape and playability.

The rear pickup is wound by us with a slightly hotter gain, but dropped back into the body, thus bringing out Clarity at the gain that a normal PAF would supply.

The neck pickup is an exclusive design humbucker made by Dimarzio. This pickup, although a side by side standard humbucker delivers the tone of well known single coil caster guitars, without noise or hum.

Put the switch in neck position, and you swear you will have on your Little Trower Wings.

In the middle position, you get the best of both. A boosted output Humbucker but with greater clarity, bass and power.

24 Frets allow the player to reach 2 octaves, and the smoothed cutaway makes you want to reach for the 1st string and stretch those high G bends with ease.

Along with the 24 frets, is a 24″ scale length. Designed by Brian May and in use on all of his “Special” guitars. To keep intonation at its best and low action equal on all strings there is also a Zero Fret, in front of the nut.

Zero frets are undoubtedly the finest way to achieve the lowest playing action, tone equality, and intonation. In the 60’s the influx of imported guitars at low cost were built with zero frets. Then and now the best, and easiest way to set action at the first fret. Americans associated the Zero Fret with imports, and it gradually went away.

The finish is a Satin yellow over a solid Agathis

Satin Yellow and the Tenth Avenue name have a purpose.

Mick Ronson, one of the great British guitarists, sanded down the top of his Les Paul and painted it with lacquer. The guitar eventually yellowed to a well-recognized tone during the Ziggy days, and later on his solo album “Slaughter on Tenth Avenue”

Marc Bolan and other 70’s rock icons also started stripping the Les Paul top.



  • Now with Tone Pros Locking ABR Bridge and Tailpiece.
  • 15″ Radius Ebony Bound Fretboard
  • Side and Board Markers
  • Triple Bound Top and Headstock
  • Satin Vintage Yellow Natural Top
  • Gloss Black Back
  • Smooth Access Heel
  • Cara Wound Humbucker Bridge Pickup
  • Special Wound DiMarzio in Neck
  • Vintage Top Hat Knobs
  • Zero Fret
  • Wilkinson Machine Heads
  • Deluxe Hard Case

Once purchased you can contact us, or we will contact you and speak to you personally about your needs and setup. This assures you that the guitar you get will be setup as best as possible. We will accept any return up to 2 weeks. We also can refer you to local authorized technicians at no charge to you.