• Gibson J30 Relic
    Road Replicas

    Roadworn Acoustic Replica Relics

    This is a delicate subject. In the aspect of doing the work, or the stigma of applying some wear to a gentle acoustic. Everyone has an opinion, But If you’re going to do it, you [...]
  • Relic Fender Telecaster tele
    Road Replicas

    Our Finest Work on Roadworn Fender Telecasters

    Some of our Finest work is on Telecasters.  The sharp edges seem to be natural for wear and tear. Jim Cara created these distressed and vintage Telecaster replica guitars from new instruments. Incredible detail and [...]
  • Red Fender Strat br Brad Gillis

    Brad Gillis Guitars – VIP

    Ozzy Osbourne’s replacement for Randy Rhoads was none other than Brad Gillis. His playing on the Diary of a Madman tour and Speak of the Devil album, brought him to the top of the hard [...]
  • Ibanez Jem 777 Custom Finish

    Ibanez Jem 777 – Charcoal Finished

    We used Charcoal, water and other elements to stain the wood on the Ibanez Jem, carefully washing each layer to gradually build up the darkness we wanted.  After it was left to slowly dry in [...]
  • Relic Stratocaster

    Roadworn Fender Stratocasters

    Wow. We’ve done hundreds of Roadworn Replica guitars over the past 20 years. Knowing just how a guitar naturally ages, and taking into consideration how much wear the customer wants on their instrument, we’ve been [...]
  • Road Replicas

    John Mayer – Black One Road Replica by Jim Cara

    Jim Cara created this Road Replica of John Mayer’s go-to electric guitar.  The story goes like this. John Mayer calls his favorite guitar, honestly, The Black One.  John originally had a Stevie Ray Vaughan Signature guitar that [...]
  • Customs

    Ibanez with Washed Denim Finish

    Our Acid wash technique created this denim effect for a Levi’s guitar. Check out our other Acid Washed guitars. Acid Washed Loch Ness Green Ibanez Jem Charcoal Finished Ibanez Share this:EmailTweet
  • No Picture


    Weekly news and information of interest to the offbeat guitar fan is sent out often by our staff. Learn tips from pros, Hot Rodding secrets and inside information about the world of Custom Guitars. This [...]
  • Customs

    Joe Louis Walker Signature Hellfire

    When I first listened to Joe Louis, I heard the sound of all my favorite British rock guitarists. Beck, Bender, Bolan, Ronson, and Kossoff. Joe had the guitar slinging tone of the guys that were in [...]
  • Vampire Slaying BC Rich Guitar

    Van Hellsong Vampire Slayer

    A proud fan of horror movies, I was at a convention and noticed a pair of wooden spikes being worn by someone. Immediately I had the idea of making a Spike guitar; then I started to [...]
  • Customs

    Junior has a Hole in the Head

    A simple LP Junior Bolt on style with a wrap tailpiece, soapbar, cream finish, and hole in the head headstock for easy hanging wherever you may roam Share this:EmailTweet
  • Customs

    Cheap Trick – Rick Neilsen / DiPinto Junior

    Rick Neilsen of Cheap Trick is the worlds most eclectic collector of guitars. With one for practically every event, occasion and outfit, his warehouse is the Fort Knox of Guitardom. Cheap Trick recorded the Theme Song for the Colbert [...]
  • Customs

    455 Super Duty Tribute

    In the tradition of Big Block Muscle, it’s the 455-SD.  With true Pontiac style, the blacktop features a hand-laid pinstripe job, in a Gold, Red, and White Firebird-inspired design. The old-school one-shot artwork is buried under [...]
  • S'cool Bus, Cool Bus Guitar

    Cool Bus Telecaster

    The Tom Daniel S’Cool Bus is undoubtedly one of the wildest Hot Rod model kits, and most collectible Hot Wheels cars.  I saw a School Bus being painted one day and asked the guy for [...]
  • Stars Cars and Guitars

    Michael “Kid” Davis of the Bullets

    I always enjoy making guitars for Mike when I get chance.  Even if it’s a guitar I give him to use, he always gives me positive or negative feedback in return.  Mike plays hundreds of [...]
  • No Picture


    USE HORIZONTAL IMAGES ONLY HD: 1280 720 720p HD Yes 1920 1080 1080p HD Yes Which brings us to image size and aspect ratio. This is another issue you may struggle with when trying to [...]
  • Budweiser Univox Hi-Flyer
    Road Replicas

    Budweiser Univox Hi-Flier

    When you play Bud, You’ve said it all. Univox took some pretty novel spins on traditional guitar contours in the 1970’s.  Here’s a One of a kind Budweiser inspired Univox Hi-Flier  Rat Rod Guitar. Share this:EmailTweet
  • Chrome Plated Ibanez guitar

    Chrome Plated Ibanez

    Ibanez released many Joe Satriani Chrome guitars, however each one was plagued with flaws and imperfections. In 2012, Gene Simmons asked Cara to produce a Chrome bladed AXE and Punisher guitar for the 2013 NAMM [...]
  • Racer X Ibanez RG 470

    Racer X Ibanez RG 470

    In the tradition of Hot Rods, Cars and Speed again, it’s the Racer X model. Share this:EmailTweet
  • Customs

    Rik Frane Designs

    Rik is a Pin-up and Horror artist with a distinctive aspect of the genre. We’ve toiled together on several projects. His out-of-print book “The Art of Rik Frane” sells between $500 and $800 if you [...]
  • Customs

    Ed Roth Flake Harley Davidson Guitar

    This Parker Fly Guitar for The Heartbeats came to us as a bare wood model. The original goal was to make it look like Dorothy’s Shoes in Wizard of Oz. It turned out so well that a [...]
  • Customs

    Dean Dragster – Top Fuel Edition

    The Dean Dragster guitar would have lost any race straight out of the box. We found one and rebuilt anything that would make it fit for the road. The Shadow EQ-5 Pickup is incredibly variable [...]
  • Jonny Greenwood Telecaster Replica Relic
    Road Replicas

    Jonny Greenwood Radiohead Telecaster

    We started with a stock Mexican Telecaster, then researched everything about this Jonny’s original guitar to make an exact replica. After going through hundreds of videos, interviews, and photo’s, I’m not giving away any secrets, but [...]
  • Ibanez Jem, Acid Washed Finish, Cara Guitars Refibnishing

    Ibanez Jem – Acid Washed Loch Ness Green

    This Ibanez Jem required a unique one-of-a-kind paint scheme, but it needed to utilize the original colors. We used an acid wash scrub technique to make each color pop, then applied an ultra thick polyester [...]
  • Mexican Style Taxi Pinstripe

    Tijuana Taxi Hellfire Custom

    One of my beloved designers is Tom Daniel. His 75 plus incredible designs of wicked rods and cultural icons were part of my boyhood and personality. I fused many of his Tijuana Taxi details into this [...]
  • Chrome Plated Guitars by Cara Guitars

    Cara Hellfire- Chrome Hologram Flame Top

    Working on our Chrome Plating process for wood, we experimented a lot. This Cara Hellfire guitar started as a perfect Chrome finish. We tried different polishes, temperatures, and chemicals on it to test the  durability. [...]
  • Customs

    ESP Mooneyes Dragstrip Groupie

    This is one of our first custom jobs with a corporate theme.  The idea of a dragstrip girl merged with the Mooneyes Racing Equipment Logo, over some very fine green Metal Flake Share this:EmailTweet
  • Customs

    Hot Wheels Boss Hoss Silver Special Edition

    Serial Number 1 of 1 A tribute to the 1970 Hot Wheels Boss Hoss Silver Special Club Kit car. These 1970 limited edition Hot Wheels cars were finished in chrome with a black racing stripe. We carried [...]
  • Road Replicas

    Buddy Guy Road Replicas by Cara

    Here’s a photo gallery of Fender Buddy Guy conversions that Cara Guitars has made. Since 2014, we’ve agreed with Fender that all conversions and Road Replicas of Fender style Telecasters and Stratocasters will be made from original [...]
  • Kat Von D Birthday Bash Guitar

    Kat Von D Custom Guitar

    The Kat Von D Birthday Bash with Bam Margera was at the height of her career with LA Ink. The event asked us to create a guitar that carried the theme of her book that [...]
  • Charvel SanDimas Custom

    Batman Charvel

    If the 60’s were the Golden age of Cool Guitars,  the 80’s were Silver. You had to make a statement with custom painted guitar! Manufacturers couldn’t keep up with the demand and often solicited outside for ideas. [...]

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