Gibson J30 Relic
Road Replicas

Roadworn Acoustic Replica Relics

This is a delicate subject. In the aspect of doing the work, or the stigma of applying some wear to a gentle acoustic. Everyone has an opinion, But If you’re […]

Relic Stratocaster

Roadworn Fender Stratocasters

Wow. We’ve done hundreds of Roadworn Replica guitars over the past 20 years. Knowing just how a guitar naturally ages, and taking into consideration how much wear the customer wants […]

Budweiser Univox Hi-Flyer
Road Replicas

Budweiser Univox Hi-Flier

When you play Bud, You’ve said it all. Univox took some pretty novel spins on traditional guitar contours in the 1970’s.  Here’s a One of a kind Budweiser inspired Univox Hi-Flier […]