In 2002, Fender Musical Instruments noticed the quality and number of Stevie Ray Vaughan Replicas we were making. After ordering a guitar from us, they found that not all parts were 100% Fender, and we were not creating them from complete vintage Fender Stratocasters.

We agreed that to continue making these Stratocasters we would use only Premium 100% Fender Vintage 62′ or Japan Reissue 62′ Fender Stratocasters as the donors. Reason being that all of the body thickness, width, cutaway, screw and part placement, truss rod style and location, and routing characteristics most resemble the actual 1962 Guitar.,

All other parts such as Texas Special Pickups, Fender Ultra Gold Tuning Machines, Left Handed Fender Vintage Tremolo, all screws, pots, and paint would be just as used on the actual 62″ model.

To our knowledge, we are the only company that Fender has agreed to work with this way. Fenders legal department advised Cara Guitar also agreed not to use the word RELIC, which is trademarked by Fender. Hence our Trademark,  Roadworn Reissues.

Our process uses overhead projectors, in which we project the image of an original SRV guitar onto a newly sunburst lacquer 62″ Fender Stratocaster Body.  The projection allows us accurate placement of distress marks, while still allowing artistic creativity marking various points in the guitars lifespan,

A bit about the accuracy of a true SRV Replica.

Stevies original #1 was a 62′ Fender Stratocaster, with replaced necks and frets. Obtaining those parts is an expensive task. Alternatively, the 62′ Fender Japanese reissues are almost identical to the actual 62′ USA. After stripping the bodies, refinishing with Fullerplast, and tri-color sunburst lacquer, the body transformation is ready for distress. The same process applied to the neck and headstock while obtaining original 62′ Vintage decals. Frets are replaced with Dunlop Jumbos also.

The pickups are Texas Specials, and the bridge is a left-handed gold Fender Vintage with a Right Handed bar. Tuners are Fender Ultras, just as SRV had.
All knobs and plastic are aged, and markings are done as close as possible to the original as found in many different photos.