Roadworn Acoustic Replica Relics

Gibson J30 Relic
Acoustic Relic Guitars

This is a delicate subject. In the aspect of doing the work, or the stigma of applying some wear to a gentle acoustic. Everyone has an opinion, But If you’re going to do it, you need to do it right.

Jim Cara created these distressed Acoustic Guitars. Incredible detail and attention to the finest areas are what sets his work apart from everyone. After seeing 10,000 or more guitars in every shape, and condition, you get to understand how they age with use.  That’s the difference from Dragging a guitar behind a truck or wiping it with sandpaper.

  • Relic work is an art form.When someone inspects your guitar, repairs your guitar, even disassembles to verify the age, we want them to think they are looking at The Real McCoy.
    • Beautiful and random lacquer checking in only the naturally appropriate areas.
    • Material correct aging and patina on Nickel, Chrome, and Gold parts
    • Plastic and printing work is indistinguishable from an actual vintage part
    • Areas hidden by parts and plastic show the period quality natural wear, different from the exposed areas.
    • These are just among many of the things that most relic artists avoid because of the time it takes.
    • You’re trusting us with valuable instruments to antique and distress. We earn and respect that trust.


    Gibson J30 Relic
    Acoustic Relic Guitars
    Gibson J45 Relic
    Acoustic Relic Roadworn Gibson Guitars

    Relic Acoustic guitars
    Roadworn Acoustic Guitars