Van Hellsong Vampire Slayer

Vampire Slaying BC Rich Guitar
Vampire Slaying Bass Guitar

A proud fan of horror movies, I was at a convention and noticed a pair of wooden spikes being worn by someone. Immediately I had the idea of making a Spike guitar; then I started to think what other elements would a well-equipped rocker need to handle the invasion of the undead at a concert.

  • Two Wooden Spikes with grips and crosses for that extra punch
  • Communion Hosts (three, keep one for yourself)
  • Holy Water in a convenient vial
  • Rosary Beads
  • Rear features a Mirror in the shape of a cross
  • Hammer shaped bass edge for Spike pounding the terrible ones.
  • Secure Easy Access compartments to keep your tools at disposal while on stage.
  • Be ready like Brude Wayne with the Bat Belt of Nosferatu Destruction.