Cara Fender 62′ Reissue with SRV Conversion – Competes with $50,000 Originals

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Cara Fender 62′ Strat Reissue
All Fender SRV Conversion

The Cara Fender SRV Conversion has been compared to the Official Fender John Cruz SRV, at $50,000.  The Cara SRV price is $6450 on Reverb

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Cara Guitars is one of the few builders that have been through the Fender Legal department and have been documented on how to legally produce these guitars. We were previously issued a stop order, and followed Fenders instructions exactly to be able to build these guitars.  We can provide documentation from the Fender Legal Department. These guitars do carry a warranty that we cover around the world with our associates of repair shops.

Here are the highlights
The guitar started as a 1996 Fender 62 Japan Reissue, We have found that this reissue Body and Neck configuration are the most accurate to the 62′ Specs

The body and neck were carefully stripped and then kiln dried.
Once dried they were finished to vintage Fender specs with Nitro Lacquer.
Cara filler block Clones are some of the very few that are actually dipped in the original 62 formula Yellow Stain. Take a close look at Original SRV Photos and this guitar.  No better attention to paint detail is taken.

Open wood was chemically aged, not stained, and the color of the wood impregnates past the surface, just as natural aging would.

Decals are exact matches to SRV’s and placement is pinpoint correct, with trimming as found on the original #1. The rear of guitar shows major distress surrounding the tremolo cavity and wood burnt S.R. Vaughan

The fretboard has been leveled just as SRV’s tech had done over the many years of work. The Radius is closer to a 9″ than a 10″
The neck has been refretted with Dunlop Jumbo Frets and dressed 1x
Headstock shows heat damage below the low E tuning post.
Fender 62, Stratocaster Reissued Decal

Specifications and Parts
AGED Fender American Left Handed Gold Vintage Tremolo, with
Mahogany filler block on right side of tremolo rout.
Right handed trem bar
Aged Gold Fender Ultra Tuners
All screws, springs and metal were individually aged by hand.

Incredible detail and effort is put into the plastic distress.
The edges of the knobs are slightly rounded and printing has peeled.
The color of the White parts have been naturally aged to a mild Ivory.
Pickguard is aged and Modified for access to rear vintage + Truss Rod adjustment.
The pickguard tip is split at the top screw point, and piece is missing, just as the original.

Brand New Fender Custom Shop Texas Special Pickups
Meticulous wiring with vintage cloth wire
250K CTS Pots
Sprague Orange Drop .022 Cap Part #SBE716P600V

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Your trust and respect of our work is truly and gratefully appreciated. As always our items are one-of-a-kind and returns are always an option if we can not satisfy you 100%

If you have a problem with the instrument we have authorized techs in most major cities that will resolve your problems

Compare for Yourself. If you are not completely satisfied within 7 Days , return the guitar un-modified or adjusted and we will return your money 100%

About Jim Cara
Creating Guitars and Experiences of a Lifetime.
Jim Cara’s work is found in The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Hard Rock Cafe’s as well as on stage with a list of Rock Stars too many to mention. His replicas of iconic electric guitars are authorized by the famous living players that have owned the originals and are sold with the opportunity to meet the star in a one on one experience.