Some may call them Relic Guitars, but actually, Relic Guitar is a term owned by Fender Musical Instruments. It is used as a brand name to market their series of guitars that have been mechanically aged to simulate wear and tear. Here at Cara, our Road Replica series are one-of-a-kind instruments. Each is meticulously has worked in the manner that an actual guitar would age. After seeing tens of thousands of guitars, you notice that it’s not as easy as dragging a guitar behind a truck or hitting it with sandpaper.

Road Replicas

Relic Stratocaster

Roadworn Fender Stratocasters

February 16, 2017 cara 0

Wow. We’ve done hundreds of Roadworn Replica guitars over the past 20 years. Knowing just how a guitar naturally ages, and taking into consideration how much wear the customer wants […]

Budweiser Univox Hi-Flyer
Road Replicas

Budweiser Univox Hi-Flier

February 16, 2017 cara 0

When you play Bud, You’ve said it all. Univox took some pretty novel spins on traditional guitar contours in the 1970’s.  Here’s a One of a kind Budweiser inspired Univox Hi-Flier […]

Jonny Greenwood Telecaster Replica Relic
Road Replicas

Jonny Greenwood Radiohead Telecaster

February 14, 2017 cara 0

We started with a stock Mexican Telecaster, then researched everything about this Jonny’s original guitar to make an exact replica. After going through hundreds of videos, interviews, and photo’s, I’m not […]

Road Replicas

Buddy Guy Road Replicas by Cara

February 13, 2017 cara 0

Here’s a photo gallery of Fender Buddy Guy conversions that Cara Guitars has made. Since 2014, we’ve agreed with Fender that all conversions and Road Replicas of Fender style Telecasters and […]